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About Teleometrics International
"Reliability and Validity studies on Teleometrics' materials were conducted within the stringent guidelines established by the American Psychological Association." ... James R. Hawker, Ph.D., Research Psychologist 

Teleometrics International Inc. was founded in 1967 as a psychological research/development and training/publishing firm. During our 30+ years of business, we have established ourselves as a firm of unwavering integrity and solidarity. We enjoy scientific and applied credibility among our clients, many of whom are in the academic community. Teleometrics' learning instruments have been used in numerous research projects at many major universities.
Our acclaimed Models for Management Program continues to be used by trainers, facilitators, managers and quality-improvement professionals all over the world. Why? Because Models is a data-based, research-proven process that gives managers the tools, information, knowledge, and resources necessary to create a more productive work environment. The Models seminar is unique. Unlike seminars which concern themselves with only a single behavioral theory or model - one piece of the management jigsaw puzzle - the Models seminar presents an integrated synthesis of validated behavioral models that address managerial and organizational productivity. This unique process of synthesizing makes it possible for participants to understand how certain practices reinforce others - managerial philosophy, access management, communications, motivation, power dynamics, teambuilding, and decision making. These main puzzle pieces interlock to form a whole.