Models Program

Models for Management (MFM) provides an
integrated process of awareness, measurement, learning, and change processes, all designed to accomplish one thing - to help managers become High Achieving Leaders.

How do your managers compare to the benchmark of High Achieving Leaders?

The Achieving Manager Research

MFM is based on over 30 years of cumulative research in the
area of effective managerial and leadership behaviors. Using a
database of thousands of leaders
across diverse organizations, our research creates a model of the common philosophies, beliefs, practices, and managerial behaviors employed by High Achieving Leaders.

Using a process of learning and self-discovery, MFM teaches he managerial behaviors of High Achieving Leaders, measures the gaps that currently exist in participant's managerial practices, and gives them a new benchmark for leadership to model.

The Models for Management Process

Development is a process, not an event.  Unlike seminars which concern themselves with only a single behavioral theory or model - one piece of the management jigsaw puzzle - MFM presents an integrated synthesis of validated behavioral models that address managerial and organizational productivity. This unique process of synthesizing makes it possible for participants to understand how certain practices reinforce others - managerial philosophy, access management, communications, motivation, power dynamics, teambuilding, and decision making. These main puzzle pieces interlock to form a whole.

Module 1 - Management Values

Discover how we expand our effectiveness as managers and leaders.
• Beliefs about people drive our behavior and thus become self-fulfilling prophecies.
• Guided interactions in Models reveal with startling clarity how values work for or against you as
a manager and leader.

Module 2 - Employee Involvement

Discover how we "turn on" employees' willingness to work and participate.
• Do our management practices expand employee involvement?
• Discover practices that cause employees to want to get involved in meaningful, productive ways, improving quality and performance.

Module 3 - Communication

Discover how the way we communicate energizes the work climate.
• Models reveals how the dynamics of interpersonal communications make the work climate more productive.
• Analyze your personal communication practices and rediscover their impact using the Luft-Ingam model (Johari Window) as a proven framework for understanding.

Module 4 - Movitation

Discover how to boost performance by harnessing the motivation powerhouse.
• Diagnose motivational symptoms in your organization.
• Articulate what you believe about the motivations driving your employees.
• Learn to align your management practices with the "real motivators."

Module 5 - Empowerment

Discover how the way we use power can help organizational performance.
• Explore how you feel about power, and your use of personal power as a manager and leader.
• Learn how these issues thrust deep into your organization - into your employees' commitment into their work mission.
• Understand underlying motives that influence power style.
• Compare your power style against our database of achieving leaders and see how you compare.

Module 6 - Management Style

Discover how well your management style works - and what to do if it doesn't.
• Identify your predominant style of managing people.
• Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of various management styles.
• Forge a personal framework for making the best management-style choices.
• Compare your leadership style against our database of achieving leaders and see how you compare- and if needed - how to close the gaps.